This is very simple plugin which offers the functionality of “like” article. It provides a very simple button which allows the user to like a K2 article.
You can download from following link:


    • // extract image
      $strImg = ”;
      if (stripos($item[‘content’], ‘ $imgsrc_regex = ‘#]*src\s*=\s*([“\’])(.*?)\1#im’;
      preg_match($imgsrc_regex, $item[‘content’], $matches);
      if (is_array($matches) && !empty($matches)) {
      if (isset($matches[2])) {
      $strImg = $matches[2];
      }// replace image
      $regex1 = “/\]*>/”;
      $item[‘content’] = trim(preg_replace ( $regex1, ”, $item[‘content’] ));

      if (isset($strImg)) {
      echo ““;

Player of True E-commerce

In this Article, I would like to introduce, Magento, one would like to consider it as a serious e-commerce framework. Might be many of you aware with that, but I think it’s my chance to glue something for it 😉 since I have been working on it since couple of months.
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Below is the link where you would find a very comprehensive guide to install and configure FFMPEG on your linux based system.


FFMPEG is the open source project for converting Audio, Video and other media files to different formats. And also it provides lots of other features as well. Complete guide to FFMPEG can be found at http://ffmpeg.org.


I have found very cool link where you would find very interesting list of applications for your usage.


Hope you would Enjoy this!!

Javascript Events

Following are some of the events that are provided by JavaScript


Occurs when user changes values in an input control. In text controls this event fire after user changes focus to other controls


This event occurs when a user clicks on the button control.This event is also occurs when a form is submitted to server.


This events occur when user moves the mouse pointer over a control.


Occurs when the user move mouse pointer over a control.


Occurs when user release a pressed key.


Occurs when the User selects a portion of a text in a user control.


Occurs when a control receive focus.


Occurs when a focus leaves controls.


Occurs when user cancels image download.


Occurs when an image can’t be downloaded


Occurs when a new page finishes downloading.


Occurs when a page is unloaded(This typically occurs when a new url has been entered

Definitions Of Object: An object is combination and collection of data and code designed to emulate a physical abstract enmity.You can create number object of class. The properties, Variable and Methods define in class are called Members of class.

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